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Risk management roundtable07 May 2015 - By Kamilla Svajgl - Article

Kamilla Svajgl talks about risk management in a round-table discussion.

Doubling up on retirement security20 July 2011 - By and Dawn E. Helwig and Allen J. Schmitz and Kamilla Svajgl - Article
Many workers will find that their retirement strategy has not produced the desired results. This creates a market for products addressing this risk.The retirement landscape: Hazardous and challenging terrain31 May 2011 - By and Dawn E. Helwig and Jeffrey M. Higgins and Janet McCune and William Most and Allen J. Schmitz and Kamilla Svajgl - Article
If nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, nothing in life seems quite so uncertain for most workers today as a comfortable retirement. Record low interest rates are compounding an already complex problem.Rare confidence09 October 2008 - By Kamilla Svajgl and Ken Mungan and - Article

Using a hedging strategy that emphasizes execution and simplicity, Milliman's FRM practice is helping insurers achieve predictable results and maintain confidence.

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