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Costs and repeat rates associated with colonoscopy observed in medical claims for commercial and Medicare populations14 March 2014 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and and Jonah Broulette - Article

Inadequate patient prep can reduce the effectiveness of colorectal cancer screening—but the rate for repeat screenings is lower than the reported rate of inadequate patient prep.

An actuarial analysis of breast cancer screening and follow-on diagnostics in a commercially insured population24 February 2014 - By and Jonah Broulette and Kathryn V. Fitch and Tyler Engel - Article

Higher breast cancer screening rates under ACA will lead to more follow up diagnostic testing, so payers and employers should evaluate the quality and value of follow up diagnostics.

The incidence rate and economic burden of community-acquired pneumonia in a working-age population01 September 2013 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Holly Yu and Jonah Broulette and Kosuke Iwasaki and Reiko Sato - Article

What is the economic impact of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in the employed population?

Utilization of anticoagulation therapy in Medicare patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation30 June 2012 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Jonah Broulette and Kathryn V. Fitch and Kosuke Iwasaki and Winghan Jacqueline Kwong - Article
An analysis of Medicare Part D claims data shows that a significant proportion of patients with AF are not receiving guideline-recommended anticoagulation therapy.
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