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Yusuke Nakamura

Tokyo, JP

Tel: +81 3 52117031

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  • BS, Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
  • Master's course, Department of Bioengineering (major), School of Engineering, Tokyo University
  • Master's course, Department of Technology Management for Innovation (sub-major) , School of Engineering, Tokyo University

Current Responsibility

Yusuke is a consultant with Milliman's Tokyo office. He provides medical economy assessments and other consulting services, primarily for healthcare companies. He joined the firm in 2014.


Prior to joining Milliman, as a graduate student, Yusuke studied radiation treatment systems and developed a robotic system to predict the state of motion of lung tumors by observing the surface of the body. While in graduate school, he co-founded a venture company specializing in medical devices; he designed a stent type device to remove blood clots lodged in cerebral and peripheral blood vessels. At the company, he also led project management and intellectual property management.

Yusuke's work in Milliman's Healthcare practice has included:

  • Medical economy assessment of U.S. patients with schizophrenia using real-world data (medical insurance claims data and various laboratory data) for a pharmaceutical company in Japan
  • Information sessions on the use of real-world data
  • Analysis of medical costs for an insurance company in Indonesia
  • Medical economy assessment of therapeutic medicines for hepatitis C for a foreign pharmaceutical company
  • Cost-benefit analysis of hepatitis B for a foreign pharmaceutical company
  • Analysis of certification of long-term care needs and ADL for nursing-care insurance
  • Health technology assessment (HTA), including cost-benefit analysis of medicines and medical technologies
  • Economic value of drugs, including antihypertensive drugs, medicines for hepatitis B and medicines for hepatitis C

In the data analytics area, Yusuke's work at Milliman has included development of an HR assessment support system based on analysis of internal emails for a domestic company.

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    • “I was offered a chance to come in, shake things up, create something."
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