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Performance of skilled nursing facilities for the Medicare population09 December 2016 - By Anders Larson and Jill S. Herbold - Article

This report discusses a framework and metrics for measuring skilled nursing facility (SNF) performance, explores SNF performance levels across the United States, and provides a quantitative assessment of the opportunity to reduce spending for SNF services through steerage of patients to more cost-efficient SNFs.

Benefits Perspectives: Introduction to shared savings arrangements and ACOs03 September 2015 - By Anders Larson and Paul R. Houchens - Article

This Benefits Perspective provides an introduction to accountable care organizations and shared savings arrangements for employers that sponsor self-funded group health plans.

Challenges with measuring savings in shared savings arrangements11 March 2015 - By Anders Larson and Jill S. Herbold - Article

Shared savings arrangements have become a more popular way to incentivize providers to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.

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