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Improving claim analytics through text mining30 May 2013 - By Philip S. Borba - Article

Use of text mining analytics can improve claims handling.

Predictive analytics, text mining, and drug-impaired driving in automobile accidents03 April 2013 - By Philip S. Borba - Article

Text mining accident descriptions can help insurers improve severity predictions for auto accidents.

Wind deductibles and Hurricane Sandy: What does it mean for total insured losses?16 November 2012 - By Philip S. Borba - Article
Waived deductibles, executive orders, and the impact of landing as a tropical storm.A more efficient process for workers' compensation claim analytics01 October 2012 - By Philip S. Borba - Article
New analytical tools enable testing more specifications in less time.Distracted driving: Text-mining accident descriptions26 January 2012 - By Philip S. Borba - Article
Designing a data-reporting system that adequately captures cell-phone-use activities at the time of an accident is difficult, but text mining can extract additional information.Sick days: A human capital perspective on pandemic influenza01 May 2007 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Kathryn V. Fitch and Philip S. Borba - Article

As we approach the 90th anniversary of the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic, the ever present influenza virus’s genetic jigsaw puzzle could be coming together again in a virulent way. As with other catastrophes, business planning for a pandemic is essential

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