Commissioning inpatient benchmarking tool

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Milliman's groundbreaking tool for benchmarking inpatient healthcare costs and practices, our Commissioning Inpatient Benchmarking Tool, is designed to help public health systems make better use of their resources. As the National Health Service institutes programmes aimed at improving its commissioning practices, our tool provides vital global comparative data.

Our benchmarking tool incorporates proprietary information from two data sets: US loosely managed healthcare systems and managed care organisations. Created specifically for NHS, the system carefully matches approximately 100 clinical categories of diagnosis-related group codes from the US healthcare system to the health resource group codes employed in the UK. This allows UK client data on admission rates and lengths of stay to be compared accurately with our benchmark data.

These comparisons can be made for the entire population served by a primary care trust or a specific hospital or care center. The data can also be broken down into five age categories for further analysis.

The process of obtaining the data is simple. Clients that license the tool provide Milliman with their data, then receive the results through a Web-based interface. Results, including relevant tables and graphs, can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

An essential tool for stimulating efficiency

Most competing solutions benchmark client data against upper-quartile UK performance data, comparing users with best performers within their own market. By contrast, our global best-practice benchmarks show the top performance achieved in an optimal infrastructure with high adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines. Our World Class Commissioning Inpatient Benchmarking Tool delivers the critical data needed to point the way to more effective and cost-efficient healthcare management by providing objective targets appropriate to a specific population.

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