MG-Triton Deferred Annuity

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The MG-Triton® Deferred Annuity (DA) valuation system provides comprehensive valuation calculations as defined by current U.S. regulatory standards, including:

  • statutory and tax: Standard Valuation Law:
  • CARVM: AG 33, 34, 35
  • VACARVM: AG43 (Standard Scenario, & CTE Allocation)
  • GAAP: SFAS 97, 115, and 133 (for FIA contracts); SOP 03-1 and 05-1

To support statutory and tax valuations, MG-Triton DA provides:

  • summary reports including aggregate reserves, AG43 Standard Scenario reserve components, control report, and exhibit of contracts
  • reasonableness tests of reserves
  • a seriatim results file with statutory and tax reserves and results of supporting calculations
  • in-force projection capabilities of statutory and tax reserves
  • detailed audit reports on a per-contract basis

For GAAP, MG-Triton DA provides:

  • extensive summary and projection reports
  • gross profit margins and amortization ratios
  • benefit reserves and bonus liability
  • loss-recognition analysis
  • in-force projection of pretax profits and cash flows
  • detailed audit reports by contract, cohort, and subcohort groups

A wide variety of contractual features are available within MG-Triton DA. Highlights include:

  • extensive options to cover credited interest methods in the market today
  • guaranteed minimum death benefits, with the flexibility to define benefit formulas on a modular basis and to specify formulas on a contract-by-contract basis
  • guaranteed living benefits: GMWBs (including Lifetime payouts), GMABs and GMIBs
  • bonuses, on a wide variety of bases

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