MG-Triton Interest-Sensitive Life

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The MG-Triton® Interest-Sensitive Life (ISL) valuation system provides comprehensive valuation calculations as defined by current U.S. regulatory standards, including:

  • statutory and tax: CRVM and other methods, XXX/AXXX and New York Regulation 147 (including AG XXXVIII 8D and 8E), AG XXXVI (equity-indexed life), AG XXXVII (VL-GMDB), and VM-20. Reserve projections are also available.
  • GAAP: SFAS 97, SFAS 113, SFAS 115, and SFAS 133, in addition to SOP 03-1

For GAAP, MG-Triton ISL prepares reports of:

  • benefit reserves, including unearned charges and bonus liability
  • summary and projection reports including fund value roll-forwards (combined and variable-only), DAC, URR, and Terminal Dividends roll-forwards including SFAS 115 balances, SFAS 113 Reinsurance Adjustment, and SOP 03-1 liabilities and sales inducements
  • gross profit margins and amortization ratios
  • loss-recognition analysis
  • in-force projection of pretax profits and source of earnings
  • detailed audit reports on a per-policy basis

Finally, a wide variety of contractual features are available within MG-Triton ISL. Highlights include:

  • fixed and flexible premiums; monthly and annual fund processing
  • variable life, variable universal life, and equity-indexed life
  • multiple insureds, including up to six lives on first-to-die policies
  • twelve underwriting classes; six cost-of-insurance bands
  • up to three no-lapse guarantee periods, including shadow accounts and guaranteed minimum death benefits
  • bonuses, on a wide variety of bases
  • Embedded Value can also be calculated
  • Variety of riders: Accidental Death Benefit – Primary , Accidental Death Benefit – Spouse, Additional Term, Child Term, Cost of Living, Disability, Estate Preservation, First to Die Waiver, Guaranteed Insurability Option, Joint Life, 10 Other Insureds, Payor, Spouse Term, Waiver, Long Term Care and Long Term Care – Extension of Benefits

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