Medicare Advantage Competitive Value Added Tool

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The Milliman Medicare Advantage Competitive Value Added Tool (Milliman MACVAT®) is a comprehensive tool that allows users to quickly evaluate relative values of Medicare Advantage program plans.

Built on the familiar Excel spreadsheet platform, this model provides per-member-per-month (PMPM) estimates of the "value add" of services above traditional Medicare for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans that are not funded through additional member premiums, based on Milliman's proprietary Part C and Part D rating models.

Milliman MACVAT allows you to compare plans side by side using Milliman’s value added metric, which reflects the unique cost structures of each county in the United States and Puerto Rico. It helps boil down benefit information succinctly and organizes results into a user-friendly interface. Users can filter results (based on enrollment, value added, premium, and star rating), see new comparison results instantly, and view value add results both numerically and graphically.

Ideal for current and prospective Medicare Advantage organizations, this flexible tool:

  • Compares the value add of Part C and Part D services to traditional Medicare, allowing for measurement against a familiar benchmark
  • Displays easy-to-understand results with simple user controls to compare plans by many different categories
  • Includes information broken out by benefit service categories of Part C as well as Part D
  • Provides detailed benefit information for practically all MA-PD benefits, including Optional Supplemental Benefits
  • Allows the user to review the upcoming year’s value added and benefit information as well as for each year back to 2013
  • Through optional add-ons, allows the user to compare the value add for high-cost and low-cost members or for a single set of cost and use metrics

Compare Medicare Advantage plans with ease and evaluate relative value

Milliman MACVAT lets you compare plans for a given county using a number of different filters, including plan type, line of business, parent company, and others. In addition, the included Milliman Medicare Advantage Competitive Benefit Options Exhibit (Milliman MACBOX) tool enables the user to compare multiple counties at one time. Both tools provide benefit cost sharing for multiple service categories, plan information, and enrollment statistics, all in one complete and succinct package.

Milliman MACVAT is simple to use. It:

  • Provides information for all individual MA-PD plans offered in the United States and Puerto Rico (excluding Providers for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly [PACE] plans and the state of Alaska)
  • Summarizes network information, premiums, star ratings, value added, and benefit information for current and past years, enrollment by county and in total, and other information
  • Allows users to compare value added both on an average non-dual or dual-eligible (eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid) basis

View competitor information all in one place

Milliman MACVAT and Milliman MACBOX both display benefit cost-sharing information for cost-sharing categories. They take the work out of gathering this information from a multitude of other sources and present it in an easy-to-read and informative interface. With MACVAT, you can see enrollment changes paired with premium, star rating, and benefit changes to understand the market movement quickly and easily.

Next steps

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