Milliman HCG Grouper

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An efficient and powerful tool for assigning detail-level attributes to claim line data.

Product overview

Replace costly, proprietary service category grouping with the Milliman MedInsight HCG Grouper. Based on the powerful methodology used to group Milliman's vast benchmarking database, HCG Grouper offers flexible design, quick implementation, and seamless integration with your data load workflow. It is platform-agnostic, providing greater utility in heterogeneous environments.

  • Manage enterprise cost and utilization categories
  • Align regular data loads with Milliman Benchmarks
  • Monitor rate development
  • Quarterly updates keep your data current with the latest industry codes
  • Save time and money

Milliman Health Cost Guidelines (HCGs)

Since 1954 the Milliman HCGs have been the industry standard to classify claims into service categories, adjust national costs to specific situations, and evaluate products and pricing. Milliman invests millions of dollars per year in research and state-of-the-art technology, combining multiple sources of data to produce the most comprehensive guidelines available.

Next steps