Regulatory compliance

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In today's healthcare environment, the regulatory compliance stakes are high. Noncompliance can put your public reputation at risk—at worst it can mean fines, disciplinary action, or receivership. Although you intend to comply, regulations are often complicated, which makes it hard to put policies in place with confidence.

Milliman handles regulatory issues successfully every day for insurers, providers, and health plans. We are familiar with the laws and regulations governing healthcare in every market. We help our clients successfully interpret, implement, and comply with laws by providing regulatory advice and counsel. We set up processes for continuous and efficient reporting and filing.

Among our services, we:

  • Calculate the actuarial items for financial and other types of statutory reporting
  • Develop and review contract and benefit language for insured and self-funded plans
  • Oobtain approval of policy forms and rate filings
  • Track legislation and keep you informed of the impact of new legislation on your product
  • Advise on procedures to administer laws and regulations
  • Provide statements of opinion regarding the adequacy of reserves
  • Identify regulatory or contractual issues that could impact corporate business transactions
  • Review marketing materials for trade practice concerns

Working with Milliman, you’ll be advised by professionals who have decades of experience providing regulatory advice and counsel. You’ll also have access to tremendous regulatory compliance resources.

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