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ECSight™ is an enterprise-level software system engineered with the scalability and performance needed to undertake seriatim asset valuation, evaluate thousands of capital market and non-market stresses across a wide range of risk drivers and all balance sheet components, and enable multi-year back-testing and projection with frequent time-steps.

With a robust and comprehensive database, flexible integration mechanisms for a wide range of asset and liability models, and seamless high-performance computing capabilities that harness the cloud, our solution provides timely answers to meaningful questions—delivering insight at the speed of ECSight.

Built specifically with the challenges of the life insurance industry in mind, ECSight is:

  • Predicated on a expansive, efficient and scalable asset valuation engine. By analyzing assets at the instrument level, we empower users with the ultimate flexibility to consider how changes in portfolio composition drive risk capital—a powerful capability to support ALM, hedging and investment management functions.
  • Designed to help insurers avoid the time and expense of liability model rework by utilizing proxy modeling techniques. A proxy model enables insurers to leverage their existing suite of liability models—potentially built on an array of disparate systems and technologies—while realizing the benefits of improved computational efficiency and a uniform framework for risk analysis.
  • Engineered to accommodate a range of proxy model types. While our solution enables flexibility with choice of proxy model, it also delivers the power of Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) interpolation out-of-the-box. RBFs are particularly well suited for replication problems that include complex liabilities with numerous underlying risk factors.
  • Equipped to calculate capital requirements based on many thousands of stochastic multivariate stresses across a user-defined universe of risk factors. With efficient modeling techniques and a massively scalable technology stack, this is not limited to infrequent point-in-time calculations, and can be applied in the context of daily monitoring, projections and what-if analysis.
  • Accessible as “software as a service” (SaaS) or as an “outsourced” service, reducing infrastructure costs and facilitating shorter roadmaps to meaningful and useful analysis.

Our superior strength in professional IT, actuarial and capital markets helps ensure a successful implementation by matching the right people to the job.

Contact us to learn how to get started with ECSight.

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