IntelliScript — Life insurance

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The Milliman IntelliScript® system is a powerful, market-leading service that allows life insurers to quickly obtain electronic prescription records. With an individual's prior HIPAA-compliant authorization, insurers can obtain prescription history information via the Internet within seconds. Our easy-to-read graphical presentation can be tailored by clients to highlight higher-risk medications. We are also helping clients increase automation and improve productivity with our new rules capabilities.

We deliver value to life insurers and their customers

Milliman IntelliScript brings value to both life underwriters and consumers by improving risk selection, allowing insurers to make faster decisions and reducing costs for everyone. Underwriters gain a more detailed understanding of their applicants' mortality risk at a more affordable cost, which saves overhead and allows them to offer better pricing to customers who present lower risks. Applicants also benefit because Milliman IntelliScript can dramatically shorten the time to approval.

We provide superior product expertise and support

More than 40 life insurance companies trust Milliman IntelliScript to deliver online prescription histories. Our searches usually provide the most comprehensive information available in the industry. Our greatest value, however, is the way we work with our clients. The efforts we take to understand our customer's business and unique needs allow us to provide superior service and a highly tailored product.

Milliman IntelliScript is supported and enhanced by Milliman's team of life insurance consultants, who are committed to our customers' complete satisfaction. We draw on more than 60 years of experience as a trusted source of independent guidance for the life insurance industry.

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