MG-ALFA Compute for Azure — Specifications

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MG-ALFA Compute for Azure is a cloud-based computing solution for MG-ALFA that is built on the Microsoft Azure platform. It is offered by Milliman as software-as-a-services (SaaS), as it is hosted, monitored, and supported by Milliman.

Rather than simply a piece of software, Milliman has designed MG-ALFA Compute for Azure as an end-to-end service. This means streamlined implementation, reduced capital investment, and high-quality maintenance, as well as support by dedicated experts.

Milliman provides 24/7 system-wide monitoring, including real-time fault detection and alerting and rapid disaster recovery as additional service options for business-critical workloads. MG-ALFA model issues can be efficiently diagnosed by expert Milliman support staff who have complete visibility into the inner workings of the grid environment and model distribution mechanisms. This enables rapid resolution of model distribution issues through a single provider.

  • Service architecture – Large scalability achieved by the architectural division of the system into a grid manager and multiple grid units.
  • Data security – Milliman meets or exceeds industry standards though the use of processes, policies, and controls.
  • Federated identity – Built-in user management to federate user identity and access management with on-premises Active Directory services as well as other third-party identity providers.
  • Logging, monitoring, fault detection, and Alerting – Designed and developed with multiple internal and external mechanisms to manage high availability, fault detection, incident alerting and rapid problem resolution—principal requirements for a business-critical system.