MG-Triton — Reporting

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MG-Triton® offers a variety of useful reports, including:


Audit detail

There are individual sets of audit reports for each of the statutory, tax, and GAAP processing categories and they may be exported into Microsoft Excel for assistance with testing. In addition to allowing users the option to select any combination of the reports, specific durations also may be chosen.

Users can audit a reserve calculation step by step. Almost any system calculation can be reproduced on a given policy with a spreadsheet/calculator, the MG-Triton audit reports, and the MG-Triton Technical Reference Manual.

Summary reports

Standard MG-Triton summary reports can be generated from a single valuation results file, or results may be summed from multiple valuation runs. Users also can define subsets of data and render reports in any desired format.

Projection reports

In-force statutory and GAAP projection reporting capabilities are standard with all MG-Triton systems. This facility is an effective management tool driven by the same data used for valuation. The capabilities are used for tasks including:

  • managing the effect of varying assumptions
  • analyzing changes in deferred acquisition cost balances by source
  • reviewing the results of trend analysis

Experience studies

Experience study analysis is an essential part of the risk management requirements for the proposed corporate governance regulations. MG-Triton contains a robust set of experience studies reports.

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