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A cloud-based, best-in-class model management platform for model governance, documentation, and model risk mitigation.

In today’s world of big data, organizations across all industries rely on models to provide insights, support diverse business applications, and drive strategic decisions. However, model risks have quickly become a major area of uncertainty around model performance. Too often, lengthy cycle times for development and execution diminish the ability to assess model performance.

ModelGRC was designed to respond to these critical challenges. By integrating an innovative model management framework with a cutting-edge technology system, ModelGRC offers a unique platform that delivers on-demand insights and supports best-in-class model intelligence.

Model management framework

  • Model summary: includes description, purpose, utilization, and limitations
  • Governance: sets up the foundation for sound model management
  • Policies & procedures: streamlines model management processes
  • Controls & compliance: safeguards model integrity and confidentiality
  • Validation: creates best practices to help assess model performance
  • Documentation & communication: ensures model transparency and sustainability

Features & highlights

  • Flexible, customizable, and scalable
  • Role-based security model inventory
  • Qualitative and quantitative rating factors
  • Instant report generation with a dynamic performance dashboard
  • World-class technology that is encrypted and cloud-based

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