Milliman PRM Analytics — Cost Model Dashboard

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The Cost Model Dashboard is an advanced business intelligence tool that gives organizations a way to effectively visualize and drill into their claims and demographic data. The tool allows for the quick identification of trends in data and supports period-over-period analysis, including rolling time periods.

The tool provides healthcare providers with a quick snapshot of how their costs rank in relation to the benchmarks of other systems.

A personalized view of data

With the Cost Model Dashboard, data can be filtered by dimensions, such as eligibility status. Users may then view all data as it applies to the particular dimension selected.

Likewise, users may look at data as filtered by different time periods, both fixed and rolling.

The Cost Model Dashboard includes the following sections:

  • Filter Cost Model
  • Filter Population
  • Average Monthly Enrollment
  • Per Member Per Month
  • Utilization per 1,000 member months
  • Cost per Service
  • Total Costs

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