Employee communication

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Milliman's customized communication services are grounded in an outcome-based approach. We develop employee and member communication strategies and deliverables aligned with your program objectives and the larger goals of the organization.

More than "nice-to-have"

The focus on employee/member behavior is what makes Milliman services more than "nice-to-have" communication. What behaviors are you trying to change, encourage, or discourage? What do employees/members need in order to accomplish this? We can help you answer these questions and build a communication strategy and materials that help you accomplish your broader objectives and make a difference.

Milliman communication consultants can help you with any or all aspects of a project:

  • Articulate communication objectives that are aligned with your broader program objectives
  • Conduct employee research (surveys or focus groups) necessary to gauge employees' current level of understanding, surface sensitive issues, learn communication barriers, brainstorm solutions, and/or set baseline metrics for future measurement
  • Develop key messages to be reinforced throughout all communication
  • Identify key audiences, recognize their unique needs, and appropriately suggest the most effective communication vehicles
  • Draft and produce appropriate communication materials/information in any media (print, electronic/web-based, personalized etc.)
  • Manage the implementation and stay on budget and on time
  • Outline measurable results and measure the progress

Problem solving as a core service

Problem solving could be one of our most valuable core services. Many clients call us before they know exactly what support or services they want or need. We will work with you "off the clock" on how to make the most of our communication support given your situation, objectives, limitations, and/or budget. Chances are we've seen a similar situation or what works and doesn't in other organizations. Sometimes it's helpful to start with a best-practice approach.

A unique partnership

Our services and deliverables are as varied as our clients themselves. We can do as much or as little as you need. We are comfortable developing strategy and taking full control of implementation, or we can fill the gaps and work with your team and internal resources to accomplish your goals.

Breadth and depth

Milliman's communication team has more than 200 years of combined experience in our field. We have assisted clients for nearly two decades; the stability of our practice has made long-term, rewarding client relationships possible. In the last few years, our team has grown in size and expertise, becoming more capable than ever to take on a range of communication projects.