Employer consulting

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Milliman's UK healthcare team brings wide-ranging industry expertise to the strategic consulting work it performs for employers, whether they are fully insured, self-insured, or provide and finance their employees' healthcare. Our knowledge and experience encompass the entire healthcare system, including primary and secondary care providers in both public and private healthcare systems. We offer guidance on best practices for the full spectrum of healthcare insurance plan types used across Europe and worldwide.

Employers who elect to self-insure or provide employee healthcare may find themselves in unfamiliar waters if healthcare is not their core business. Our experienced team uses proprietary best-practice data to help employers get the best return on investment from their healthcare programmes.

Operational review points the way to cost savings

Milliman carried out an actuarial experience analysis of healthcare costs and utilisation for a large employer in the United Arab Emirates. This employer feared that its healthcare costs would rise dramatically with the opening of more local secondary care facilities.

Our consultants reviewed options for providing healthcare for the client’s employee population and carried out a five-year cost forecast. We also performed an operational review of the efficiency and financial viability of the in-house medical and dental clinics the employer offered for its employees.

Milliman's analysis helped the client understand how costs and facilities use would likely change with the addition of the secondary-care clinics and the changing demographics of its employee population. We then advised on medical management techniques to make their primary care operations more efficient, preventing the long waiting lists the employer was experiencing and improving the quality of care. With our guidance, protocols were instituted for managing outside referrals, helping to reduce the overload and excessive costs incurred by external secondary care providers.

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