Financial and retirement planning

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Milliman consultants are at the forefront of helping organisations to meet the complex needs and challenges of the burgeoning retirement market. Traditional wealth accumulation paradigms are no longer useful and new, creative, and innovative products, tools, frameworks, and techniques are needed to develop solutions for this market. We continue to be leaders in this market in all these respects, helping clients extract the maximum value from their product development initiatives through sophisticated analysis, communication, and presentation of value.

Financial and retirement planning is a complex task. It requires a deep understanding of a diverse range of areas such as:

  • How various products are structured and are likely to perform in a world of uncertainty
  • How customer needs for protection, investment, and retirement income evolve over a lifetime
  • How customer capacity for various risks and behavioural factors influence the relative attractiveness of alternative investment, protection, and income solutions
  • How to communicate potentially complex concepts to customers and advisors so that they can make informed decisions

Milliman consultants have expertise and years of experience in dealing with these challenges from the perspectives of product manufacturers, superannuation trusts, advisors, and advisory networks, as well as platform providers.

We have developed a new generation of tools that help demonstrate and communicate product outcomes in the context of a holistic financial plan, from simple historical scenarios through to complex forward-looking stochastic projections. Our unique blend of actuarial, systems, and quantitative skills have enabled us to deliver such solutions to our clients on web platforms or through the product development process.

Our proprietary MG-Wealth tool was developed to address the above challenges. It is capable of projecting a financial plan, product, block of insurance business, or superannuation fund on a stochastic basis, incorporating multiple sources of wealth and social security.

Next Steps

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