Employee communication — Performance management

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Do your employees understand how their performance aligns with your mission and strategy? Are they clear about their career development opportunities? Effective performance management enhances employee engagement and retention.

Something powerful happens in an organization when both employees and managers rally around common goals. But today it takes more than a memo from the CEO to get everyone on the same page. And relying solely on the once-a-year performance review is a thing of the past, especially as Millennials become an increasingly larger proportion of the workforce. Today’s employees expect continual feedback and conversations about their progress, ideas, and career development — and today’s managers need to think differently.

Effective performance management leads to better employee engagement, retention, and productivity. But communication is key. Delivering the right messages to the right audiences at the right time is necessary to communicate your performance management system effectively and encourage changes in behavior. Employees often don’t understand how performance is measured and/or feel unsupported. Managers often don’t understand the importance and business impact of performance and development.

Milliman employee communication consultants can help you make the most of your performance management process by clearly articulating the performance management process as well as its value. With a little planning and deliberate communication, employees and managers alike can get on board and reap the benefits.

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