Litigation support — Healthcare

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When Milliman consultants give testimony to support litigation, we know how to use the facts to tell the story. We pride ourselves in preparing testimony that is easy for nonexperts to comprehend. Counsel can expect transparency and clarity when our consultants provide and interpret data for those deciding litigation outcomes.

Broad healthcare experience from many perspectives informs the work we do for attorneys. Milliman consultants contribute to cases concerning provider-payer contracts, regulatory reporting, pricing audits, malpractice, clinical scenarios, denied claims, claims disputes, and many other issues.

Expert witness testimony, communicated clearly

Milliman also supports litigation regarding disability claims, reasonable medical charges, divorce agreements, and other disputes that require authoritative financial analyses. Our consultants have the depth and breadth of experience to develop solid approaches to these analyses and the insight to recognize approaches that might be used by opposing witnesses.

Milliman consultants are expert in assisting mutual, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield companies to make the change to stockholder ownership. A long history of working on these transactions with a variety of clients has prepared us to communicate to a judge, jury, or arbiter so that each can understand the complicated issues involved. We give testimony that provides laypeople with a better understanding of the facts.

Client example: providing value to both sides in arbitration

A carrier disagreed with the claim savings used by a disease management vendor to calculate its fees. The agreement terms were ambiguous and included many amendments. We analyzed the claims experience under various contract interpretations and provided the arbitrator with a report showing settlement scenarios. Our report was used not only to determine payment to the vendor but also as a source for the vendor to improve its data analytics.

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