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Milliman is a widely used, trusted source for expert-witness testimony. Our broad knowledge and reputation for unbiased, independent advice lends credibility to our clients' side of any legal dispute.

But there's much more going on behind the scenes. Milliman experts work with insurance companies and their legal teams on every aspect of litigation. The work often begins when a company first contemplates filing a suit—or when a company finds out it's being sued.

We'll help your attorneys give an assessment of your case's strengths and weaknesses. These can then be weighed against the costs of prolonged litigation, and the risk of possible losses, to decide the best course of action.

Milliman can:

  • brief attorneys on insurance-industry issues and standard practices
  • review contracts, illustrations, systems specifications, and pricing decisions for consistency
  • quantify damage exposures if liability were established
  • recommend settlement benefits that are valuable to plaintiffs and low in cost to defendents
  • build actuarial models to set a value on possible settlements

Analysis and expert testimony assist reinsurer in lawsuit

In one case, a bankrupt insurance company sued its reinsurer over the terms of its contract, alleging more money was owed. Milliman's analysis showed the reinsurer's position was strong. The company went to trial, where Milliman provided expert witness-stand testimony, and the client was ultimately successful.

Our class-action experience serves clients well

In recent years, large, class-action lawsuits have brought the specter of enormous jury awards that can threaten company survival. Milliman experts have worked on lawsuits where literally billions were at stake, providing support that helped clients deal with—and even triumph over—some of the biggest guns in the class-action plaintiff world.

When firms are sued, there's more than money on the line—company reputation can suffer, too. If you anticipate litigation, contact Milliman to help you put your best case forward.

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