Milliman Risk Institute — ERM Self-Assessment

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A dynamic, interactive platform that helps organizations evaluate their ERM framework, access benchmark data, identify improvement opportunities, and receive actionable insight through a complimentary report – all in 15 minutes.

The ERM Self-Assessment is a research effort from the Milliman Risk Institute. Access to this platform is complimentary and open to public.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) as a business practice has continued to grow in the past two decades. Many organizations have established ERM processes and appointed chief risk officers, and more senior leaders and board members are realizing the significance of risk oversight in value creation.

However, companies struggle to benchmark ERM performance, including the appropriateness of current risk modeling or the extent to which the ERM framework should be integrated into business processes. The critical question remains: “Where do we go from here?”

The Milliman ERM Self-Assessment platform was developed to respond to these critical challenges. By answering a short series of questions, you will be able to conduct a preliminary assessment of your current ERM framework, identify gaps against common practices, and illuminate opportunities for improvement in five major ERM components:

  • Governance & culture
  • Risk assessment & modeling
  • Mitigation & controls
  • Reporting & communication
  • Integration & collaboration

At the end of the assessment, you will receive a complimentary report, which includes a better understanding of each of those five key components, an assessment of your company’s ERM performance, and practical suggestions to improve your ERM maturity. Receive your complimentary report by completing your assessment today.