Strategic rewards

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Our consultants approach each assignment from a diagnostic and problem solving perspective, and their multi-disciplinary capabilities help you navigate complex business, regulatory, and talent management waters.

For all employee populations we:

  • Evaluate business and talent management strategies to create pay philosophies and strategies that are aligned with your business and that integrate executive and non-executive programs

For non-executive populations we:

  • Evaluate jobs
  • Develop and review salary structures
  • Review and update salary administration policies and practices
  • Design and test variable pay plans
  • Model the cost impact of design or administrative change

For executive populations we:

  • Research and facilitate selection of suitable peers for pay and performance benchmarking and proxy disclosure
  • Conduct comprehensive benchmarking studies for executive populations using proprietary and public data
  • Analyze business performance as an input to pay plan design and compensation decision support
  • Design short-term and long-term incentives
  • Provide guidance on technical issues relating to taxation, accounting and proxy disclosure requirements
  • Design deferred compensation and supplemental benefit plans
  • Consult in connection with general severance and change-in-control related severance protection
  • Draft and review CD&A content for compliance and stakeholder appeal
  • Provide insights on trends, regulatory change and external stakeholder perspectives

For outside directors we:

  • Consult with respect to corporate governance and executive compensation as independent-minded Board advisors
  • Benchmark and design director compensation programs

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