It’s not about the methods. Or the assumptions. Or the goals. It’s about all of them. It’s about adding a layer of critical thinking, a strategic foundation, to every engagement.


Vision is what our clients expect. And our consultants deliver. With no agenda, other than getting it right.


Today, Milliman insight is driving decisions that affect millions of people around the world. Our innovative work is helping revolutionize the financing and delivery of healthcare, the management of risk across complex systems and organizations, and the development of retirement planning and financial risk management solutions.

So ask the tough questions. We expect them.

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A retirement plan that actually lets you retire

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The future of risk is autonomous

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ORSA: Beyond the regulation

Healthcare Beyond politics: Video

Healthcare: Beyond Politics

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Healthcare: Beyond politics video

Optimising the national health service

You can own the risk. Or own the consequences.

You can own the risk. Or own the consequences.

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