Top 10 Milliman publications of 2013

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In 2013, Milliman again published a wide variety of articles and videos, including timely analysis related to issues such as sinkhole perilimproving claims analytics through text mining, predictive modeling and analytics, and Solvency II developments. In addition, we published extensively on ongoing challenges related to managing healthcare costs, healthcare reform, retirement planning, and insurance and risk management issues.

Here are this year’s ten most viewed articles and reports:

10. Fees: What everyone is NOT talking about!
By Douglas A. Conkel

How do plan sponsors ensure that actual fees paid by each participant are fair and reasonable when compared to other participants within the plan?

The Fee Balancing Act

9. Planning for NAIC ORSA
By Chris Suchar, Joy A. Schwartzman, Matthew G. Killough, Wayne E. Blackburn

Sophisticated risk assessment will be key to complying with U.S. ORSA requirements.

8. Operational risk modelling framework
By Joshua Corrigan, Paola Luraschi

Current methods and emerging practices in operational risk across the world.

7. ACA: An act of unknown consequences for workers compensation
By Derek A. Jones

How will healthcare reform mandates for pre-existing condition coverage and broader healthcare access affect workers compensation claims and costs?

6. President Obama’s transitional policy for canceled plans
By Hans K. Leida

The November 14, 2013 announcement that health insurance issuers would be permitted to renew certain canceled health insurance policies has raised new questions for the individual and small group marketplaces in 2014.

5. The Affordable Care Act: Timeline of key deadlines between now and 2016

Essential reporting dates and enrollment dates from February 2013 onwards that will affect insurers under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

4. ACA health insurer fee: Estimated impact on the U.S. health insurance industry
By Julia Yahnke, Mathieu Doucet

What impact will the new health insurer fee provision put forth in the ACA have on the industry?

3. Ten things your 401(k) wants you to know
By Jinnie Regli

If your 401(k) plan could talk, what advice would it give you?

$2,000 invested over various time frames with different rates of return

2. 2013 Milliman Medical Index
By Christopher S. Girod, Lorraine W. Mayne, Scott A. Weltz

Healthcare costs for American families top $22,000 in 2013.

1. Pension funding analysis

Milliman's pension funding research and analysis is frequently cited in the United Status as a barometer for the status of corporate and public pension plans. Our analysis includes the monthly Milliman Pension Funding Index and yearly Corporate and Public Pension Funding Studies. 

For the past 13 years, Milliman has conducted the Milliman Corporate Pension Funding Study, an annual study of the 100 largest defined benefit pension plans sponsored by U.S. public companies.

The Milliman 100 Pension Funding Index projects the funded status for pension plans included in the study, reflecting the impact of market returns and interest rate changes on pension funded status, utilizing the actual reported asset values, liabilities, and asset allocations of the companies’ pension plans.

Since 2012, Milliman also publishes a Public Pension Funding Study, which measure the aggregate funded status of the 100 largest U.S. public pension plans.


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