2015 Embedded Value Results: Asia (excl. Japan)

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By Iwan Juwono, Chihong An, Michael Daly, Paul Sinnott, Richard W. Holloway, Wing F. Wong | 03 October 2016
This report examines the embedded value (EV) results published by various multinational corporations and domestic insurers within Asia, excluding Japan. Over 2015, EV continued to be viewed as an important metric to showcase insurers’ financial performances and their business strategies to investors, analysts, and customers. In 2015, total reported Asian EV grew by 13.6% on a comparable basis to US$376 billion from US$331 billion. Total reported value of new business for Asia stood at US$24 billion in 2015 compared with US$19.2 billion in 2014, representing growth of 24.2%. Based on the various EV disclosures, the most profitable life insurance new business appears to be sold in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.