The meeting of the Transition Resource Group for IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts (TRG) on 2 May 2018

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By Andrew Gilchrist, Lindsay Unwin, Magnus Wilson, Amritpal Khangura | 18 May 2018

The Transition Resource Group (TRG) for IFRS 17 will meet four times during 2018 to discuss questions raised regarding the implementation of the IFRS 17 Standard. Milliman consultants have prepared a summary of the key points arising from the TRG meeting of 2 May 2018, which is available here.

The TRG meeting covered some of the implementation challenges raised by TRG members and a number of examples relating to the following concepts in IFRS 17:

  • Coverage units
  • Contract boundaries
  • Risk adjustment at the group level
  • Bundling insurance contracts