Cyber risk

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Assessing and quantifying cyber risk: Could today’s emerging cyber regulation have helped prevent the Equifax breach?

By Lisa Henderson | 21 November 2017

Organizations are exploring new methods and actionable steps to assess and quantify cyber exposure.

For M&A professionals, quantifying cyber risk is key

By Chris Harner, Lisa Henderson | 04 September 2018

As cyberattacks occur with increasing severity and frequency, cyber risk has moved to the top of many organizations’ non-financial risk concerns.

Could cyber risk be the next Big Short?

By Chris Harner, Chris Beck | 12 March 2019

The parallels between the lead-up to the mortgage crisis and the rapid growth of the cyber insurance market are eerily similar.

Critical Point Episode 12: Could cyber risk be the next “Big Short”?

By Chris Beck, Chris Harner | 13 May 2019

A cyberattack has the potential to disrupt the world economy, but a new risk management paradigm can help protect against vulnerabilities for insurers and businesses.

Translating cyber threats: How to communicate cyber risk in the boardroom

By Chris Beck, Chris Harner | 21 August 2019

There is a significant need in the market to transform cyber assessments, information technology metrics, and information security into the common language of risk management.

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