Issues in brief summer 2007: UK life insurance

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By Emma McWilliam, John McKenzie, Lindsay Unwin, Neil Cantle, Oliver Gillespie, Philip Simpson | 01 July 2007

This issue includes:

  • Reflecting on strategy
    by Neil Cantle, Farzana Ismail
  • A new dawn for the baby boomers?
    by Gary Finkelstein, Ryan Hinchey
  • Strategic restructuring
    by Oliver Gillespie, John McKenzie
  • Structured insurance solutions on the rise
    by Steven Schreiber, Philip Overy
  • Signs of life in Germany
    by Paul Ernest, Emma McWilliam
  • Where is longevity heading?
    by Philip Simpson, Phillip Sturgess
  • QIS3
    by Tom Wicling, Lindsay Unwin