Issues in brief summer 2012: UK life insurance

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By Andrew Gilchrist, Eamonn Phelan, Edward Morgan, Fred Vosvenieks, Neil Dissanayake, Neil Cantle | 05 June 2012

This issue includes:

  • Solvency II internal model validation
    by Eamonn Phelan
  • Financial markets corner European variable annuity economic hedge costs: Market update
    by Neil Dissanayake, Peter Lin
  • ALM-chemy? – Creating value from actuarial modelling
    by Ed Morgan
  • Risk appetite
    by Neil Cantle, Fred Vosvenieks
  • Impact of Solvency II on term insurance and reinsurance
    by Chris Lewis
  • Protecting with-profits policyholders
    by Andrew Gilchrist