Issues in brief winter 2008: UK life insurance

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By Emma McWilliam, John McKenzie, Joshua Corrigan, Neil Cantle, Philip Simpson, Stuart Silverman, William C. Hines | 01 February 2008

This issue includes:

  • The emergence of risk
    by Neil Cantle, John McKenzie
  • Phase II IFRS for life insurers workshop
    by Emma McWilliam, Philip Simpson, William Hines
  • Copula - modelling non-linear dependency
    by Farzana Ismail, Neil Cantle
  • Modelling volatility for structured finance transactions involving longevity risk
    by Stuart Silverman, Emma McWilliam, Philip Simpson
  • QIS3 - Initial results
    by Philip Simpson, John McKenzie
  • Variable annuity year round-up
    by Gary Finkelstein, Joshua Corrigan
  • Developments in the UK longevity resources
    by Emma McWilliam, Farzana Ismail