Issues in brief winter 2009: UK life insurance

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By Emma McWilliam, John McKenzie, John McKenzie, Fred Vosvenieks, Lindsay Unwin, Neil Cantle, Oliver Gillespie, Philip Simpson, Robert Bugg, Russell Osman | 01 December 2009

This issue includes:

  • Discount rates under Solvency II
    by Oliver Gillespie, Robert Bugg, Matthew Cocke
  • The future of mutual life insurers
    by John McKenzie, Philip Simpson
  • Allocation of economic capital
    by Russell Osman, Fred Vosvenieks
  • Phase II insurance contract reporting
    by Matthew Cocke, Emma McWilliam, William Hines
  • Solvency II—risk management: Groups and emerging risks
    by Neil Cantle, Oliver Gillespie
  • Sukuk—an Islamic alternative to conventional bonds
    by Lindsay Unwin, Farzana Ismail, John McKenzie