Retirement savings funds in CEE: 2011 update

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By Adrian Allott, Diana Dodu , Beata Gorgon , Monika Lis , Anna Mazerant , Olexander Ofutin, Marcin Krzykowski | 29 February 2012

In response to the global financial crisis, governments in Central and Eastern Europe have modified their retirement savings policies, generally in one of three ways:

  1. Targeting of long-term financial stability and security
  2. Short-term modifications to cope with crisis conditions
  3. Severe curtailment of private pensions

This report describes the region’s current private pension systems, changes in response to the financial crisis, and the opportunities and challenges facing pension providers in these countries.

The study discusses five markets that provide a representation of the diversity in the region: Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia. An overview of the private pension systems in other markets is included for comparison.