Pathways, outcomes, and costs in colon cancer: Retrospective evaluations in two distinct databases

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By J. Russell Hoverman , Thomas Cartwright , Debra Patt , Janet Espirito , Matthew Clayton , Jody Garey , Terrance Kopp , Michael Kolodziej , Marcus Neubauer , Roy Beveridge, Kathryn V. Fitch, Bruce S. Pyenson | 31 May 2011

Survival of colorectal cancer has improved as a result of new treatments, but the introduction of new agents has resulted in increased variability in treatment options and increased costs.

Level I Pathways is a set of evidence-based treatment guidelines developed by physicians in The US Oncology Network, which uses only high-level evidence to assess efficacy, toxicity, and cost when recommending therapies.

This study by The US Oncology Network and Milliman found that colon cancer treatment consistent with Level I Pathways cost significantly less and results in outcomes consistent with published evidence.

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