Selective search: Acquiring technology for benefits administration

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By John Phelan | 01 December 2007

For many Taft-Hartley funds, the process of acquiring new information systems, and especially benefits administration systems, can become frustrating, inefficient, and often expensive. Planning and making a small investment in designing system details before implementation makes the process much smoother. The article discusses drivers of system replacement, due diligence of vendor candidates, detailed design, and other major steps to take.

Reproduced with permission from the "Benefits & Compensation Digest" volume 44 number 12, December 2007, pages 38-43, published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (, Brookfield, Wis. All rights reserved. Statements or opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the International Foundation, its officers, directors or staff. No further transmission or electronic distribution of this material is permitted.