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P&C Perspectives: Self-insured entities and the California workers’ compensation reforms — The changes affect you24 January 2013 - By Guy A. Avagliano and Michael L. DeMattei and Stephen J. Koca - Article

The what, why, when, where, and how of the new actuarial report requirement and changes to the collateralization formula for self-insured workers’ compensation employers in California.

P&C Perspectives: Restaurant workers’ comp: Affected by recessionary dynamics, right? Not so fast19 January 2012 - By Michael L. DeMattei - Article
P&C Perspectives, FASB changes affecting healthcare companies26 October 2010 - By Michael L. DeMattei and Stephen J. Koca - Article
A simple solution to a multibillion-dollar problem04 February 2009 - By Michael L. DeMattei - Article
Injured workers are informed of the benefits that insurers provide, except for those billed to medical providers. The use of a simple form could close the loop on communications.Calling all claims: Managing liabilities in law enforcement01 August 2007 - By Michael L. DeMattei - Article

Originally printed in the August issue of Public Risk magazine. Reprinted with permission from the Public Risk Management Association. © 2007 Law enforcement is a complicated process, as is the task of managing the associated liabilities. Lawsuits against police departments

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