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An end to manufacturer rebates as we know them today?15 February 2019 - By Deana Bell and Jennifer Carioto and Matthew Hayes - Article

The proposed rule to make drug manufacturer rebates no longer protected under the Anti-Kickback Statute has broad impacts to federally funded prescription drug programs, especially Medicare Part D.

Can voluntary POS rebates work for Medicare Part D?12 February 2019 - By Jennifer Carioto and Gabriela Dieguez and Bruce S. Pyenson - Article

This report examines why Medicare Part D plans that share manufacturer rebates at the point of sale under a voluntary system will likely have a rather high premium relative to market averages.

Barriers and potential paths for biosimilars in the United States16 November 2018 - By Jennifer Carioto and Harsha Mirchandani - Article

Biosimilars can potentially reduce drug costs if barriers in the U.S. are removed or diminished.

Impact of increasing the Medicare Part D specialty threshold16 October 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez and Jennifer Carioto - Article

This report examines the changes to member cost sharing for users of specialty drugs that would no longer exceed the Medicare Part D threshold.

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