MG-ALFA Model Development

MG-ALFA Model Development

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Imagine an environment where actuarial model developers seamlessly collaborate on customization and management of the formula database. That evidence of change, review, and testing necessary for management, auditors, and regulators is always available in a single location rather than taking weeks to prepare.

MG-ALFA Model Development is a robust solution for companies interested in better facilitation and governance of the change and release management around their model updates.

Business benefits

MG-ALFA Model Development is a unique solution for MG-ALFA customers. It offers a collaborative work environment for users to work in together in a shared environment on all elements of the process. MG-ALFA Model Development provides a rigorous change management system and process around actuarial model development, including source control, release management, and project management. Additionally, it has a document repository to provide a centralized location for requirements, implementation specifications, test plans, and testing evidence.

Model Development revolutionizes how companies manage the MG-ALFA actuarial code, giving you the best of both worlds: flexibility and control.

  • Define workflows around model updates and provide a complete audit trail of all changes made within the collaborative environment
  • Manage and govern development and ongoing customization
  • Use collaboration tools for developers, testers, and managers to facilitate and govern model development
  • Control release management, enhancement requests, and bug tracking

Next Steps

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