MG-Triton — Advantage

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MG-Triton® advantages include ease of use and maintenance, scalability, quality documentation and support, and technological innovation.


Interface intuitive, easy to use

MG-Triton's intuitive screens make loading plan designs and associated valuation assumptions easy and quick. Product information and valuation assumptions are stored in a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) that is easy to populate and maintain to meet your discrete product-design requirements. The interface displays codes and descriptive phrases for all data variables.

Architecture flexible and scalable, for one processor or many

The MG-Triton client-server architecture allows reserve processing to be performed locally on a workstation or remotely across a LAN or WAN.

Work can be distributed across multiple processors, either on a single machine or multiple machines, to significantly reduce run time.

Thorough documentation includes manuals, tutorials

MG-Triton's documentation is thorough—and available online. Technical reference manuals detail input and output file formats, plan and reserve assumptions, and virtually every formula in the system.

Users' guides provide introductory tutorials as well as detailed instructions for navigating the system.

Control reports verify the consistency of counts and values throughout the valuation process. Error reports document issues with meaningful descriptions of error conditions.

Data easily exportable

The MG-Triton systems are Microsoft Windows® applications written in Microsoft Visual C++®. Plan and valuation assumptions, stored in dBase file formats in a relational database and valuation results, can easily be exported to enterprise data warehouses.

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