Triangles on Demand

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Insurers rely on Milliman's tools to add consistency and efficiency to the process of estimating unpaid loss liabilities. Our advanced software turns detailed insurance data into the information needed to make smarter, better business decisions.

Triangles on Demand

Triangles on Demand® (TOD) gets your analysts the data they need when they need it for regular reserve reviews as well as for special projects and more detailed analyses. TOD retains all the detailed data that rolls up into analysis data sets. Data can be stored at any level of granularity that is available, even as low as individual claim level detail. You can then aggregate data sets -- real time and immediately – up to any level of detail that is most appropriate for any specific analysis; for example, pull data for specific sub-lines or an entire line, by coverage by state, or schedule P line country-wide.

TOD uses its own database, separate from the many other applications’ data stores. This allows the actuarial team to be in charge of its own data, queries, and reconciliation, while still allowing IT professionals to manage the necessary security and the system’s various connections to other company data sources.

The system is an optional module for Arius, so you request your specific data sets from within Arius and all the resulting triangles appear in your Arius desktop ready to use. You get a more efficient analysis process, and because your team starts with reliable numbers, you’ll have more comfort in the results.

Click here to learn more about how Triangles on Demand can get your team’s analysis process started sooner and more reliably, and with the flexibility necessary to support better business decisions.

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