Milliman Sustainable Income Plan

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The Milliman Sustainable Income Plan® (SIP) is an innovative retirement plan design, combining the benefits of a defined benefit (DB) plan and a defined contribution (DC) plan. It provides the best of both worlds.

For employers:

  • Stable, predictable contributions (balance sheet stability)
  • By design, benefits stay fully funded in all market conditions
  • Maximizes benefit provided per dollar of contribution
  • Effective workforce management lever
  • Recruitment and retention tool

For participants:

  • Lifelong retirement income
  • Benefits that increase with good investment returns – even in retirement
  • Mitigates market risk
  • Professional asset management
  • Doesn’t depend on individual saving behavior

The SIP is a smarter way to balance risks between plan sponsors and employees. It’s the first plan design that aligns the objectives of finance and human resources.

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