Asset/Liability Modeling & LDI — Experience

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Milliman's expertise in the areas of developing investment strategies and in actuarial consulting have been brought together to create and deliver ALM solutions to clients of all sizes. Our solutions range from leading-edge stochastic actuarial modeling tools and risk-budgeting approaches, to sophisticated, yet simple, direct LDI assessment and solution development. Our consultants are leaders in their professions and team together to develop, and continually improve, these innovative processes.

Summary of our qualifications

  • Industry-leading capabilities in asset-liability modeling
  • Core competency of ours
  • Depth and experience of our asset-liability modeling team
  • State-of-the-art proprietary asset-liability modeling and risk budgeting tools
  • Independent and objective – no conflicts of interest
  • Open architecture – no process shortcuts
  • Customized solutions to meet our clients' financial objectives

Next steps