Your data is better than you think: Using AI for insurance claims

Learn how to maximize your ROI by integrating your claims data with AI.

Are you taking full advantage of your claims data?

In the insurance industry, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics are transforming how insurers make data-driven decisions. As of recently, an increasing amount of insurers are discussing how to take advantage of AI. But, one major concern most have is if their claims data is good enough to effectively implement AI. Whether it’s inconsistent coding, missing data or outright data inaccuracies, the conclusion many insurers have come to is that their data lacks some level of integrity. When it comes to claims data, the question is: How good is good enough?

This paper explores why your claims data is more extensive and thorough than previously thought, as well as the advantages and opportunities of integrating your claims data with predictive analytics and AI.

You will learn:

  • Common misconceptions of data quality and quantity.
  • How AI can unlock hidden intelligence in unstructured data, reducing claim cost and severity.
  • Why AI is essential and the impact predictive analytics can have on ROI and efficiency.