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Insurance futures

Global trends and issues reshaping the insurance landscape to 2035

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Reassessing the risks and opportunities of a hyper-connected world

A foreword by Steve White, President and CEO at Milliman

COVID-19: The great acceleration

As the pandemic unfolds, cultural transformations that might have taken decades are happening in weeks.

Amidst the volatility and uncertainty, insurers, the public sector and the wider community have an opportunity to re-invent risk management.

Hybrid realities

It is projected that a trillion devices will be connected to the internet world-wide by 2035, making up a huge and continuously growing Internet of Things (IoT).

In this future, almost everything and everybody will become a source of data.

Cultural attitudes to climate: Shocks ahead?

Cultural attitudes to climate, biosphere and environmental challenges are fundamentally uncertain.

With viral, emerging narratives and weak signals indicating the potential for disruptive change.

Policing and crime in a networked world

As more people go online, more systems are networked, and the Internet of Things expands, the context in which crime occurs will change markedly.

Some technologies may tip the balance in favour of those interested in breaking the law. Others may point to improved crime prevention and increased law enforcement effectiveness.

Trade futures

Is globalisation set to go into reverse? Or more politically, are the US and China heading for a new Cold War?

The future pattern of international trade could take many different forms over the next decade or two.

Radical innovation and sustainability

Innovation to address climate and biosphere sustainability and beyond is both a source of solutions to urgent problems and of systemic technological, socio-political and financial risk.

It is also a source of opportunity for the insurance industry.

The politics of climate change

Climate change will disrupt the life of all eight billion people on the planet if we fail to keep the rise in global temperature below 2°C.

No other challenge in human history has simultaneously threatened the prosperity and security of everyone on Earth.

Global politics: Alternative futures

Geopolitical competition. Migration flows. Destabilising technology, Climate change. Manipulative media.

The challenges to leadership teams at all levels are pervasive, complex, interdependent and permeated by uncertainty.

Cities: Underwriting risk and innovation

Cities concentrate creativity, jobs and economic power. They also concentrate risk.

Their narratives about long-term resilience and inventive capabilities will ultimately set an agenda that will determine clear winners and losers.

Financial market stability: Inventing the big hedge

Regulators, banks, insurers, corporations and institutional asset managers all share the same problem:

So how does one ‘transition’ to a sustainable world, whilst maintaining financial stability?

About the Insurance Futures essays

Insurance Futures is a collection of essays exploring the insurance risk landscape to 2035. Milliman commissioned The Oracle Partnership to produce this series as a contribution to wider thinking about the big picture trends shaping the insurance and risk landscapes of the future.

The analysis and views expressed in the essays are those of The Oracle Partnership staff and associates and do not represent the views of Milliman or any other organization or sponsor.

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