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Compare Your Plans

Milliman's enrolment decision making tool called Compare Your Plans allows employees to enter anticipated services and supplies for the year and see how their out-of-pocket costs and premiums compare across the medical plan options. With all the new plan designs (consumer-driven health plans, for instance) and the ever-increasing complexity of healthcare, employees can lose the basic points of comparison. In fact, without the tools and knowledge, employees will often use either the deductible or the premium in making a decision—but will not understand how to run the numbers and really determine the best plan for them.

The online tool has three simply designed screens: the first two allow employees to input basic variables (e.g., employee only coverage) and anticipated costs (with some sample costs for those who need help). The third screen shows the resulting comparison of total out-of-pocket costs (premiums and anticipated care) across all plans. Contact a Milliman consultant for a demo.

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