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Benefit plan evaluation



Compare health plans with ease while saving time and money

CORAL is a groundbreaking program that helps users quickly estimate actuarial equivalent relative values of different health benefit plans.

CORAL has special appeal for:

  • Insurance companies developing new plans for market
  • Large employers with self-funded insurance plans
  • Third-party administrators who serve self-funded employers
  • Insurance brokers serving self-funded employers

CORAL is an Excel-based model based on Milliman's Health Cost Guidelines. It lets you see how changing a multitude of variables such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance rates will affect your per-member-per-month cost.


It makes benefit calculations much easier
Ultimately, CORAL saves you time. CORAL does the work for you, taking very complicated insurance plan calculations and organising everything into a user-friendly interface. You can change inputs and see new results instantly. All the complicated technical work is done on the back end.

It helps you gauge the coming effects of healthcare reform
CORAL can let you see the effects of the new law, such as no-cost sharing on preventative benefits and the removal of annual and lifetime limits. CORAL will quickly estimate the impact for you.

CORAL's features give you flexibility

  • Specify key characteristics of a benefit plan, including deductible, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximum, family multiplier, and account funding
  • Determine whether each service category is subject to deductible, plan coinsurance, fixed-dollar copay, and percent copay
  • Decide whether prescription drug benefits are offered as part of the medical benefit or as a prescription drug carve-out benefit
  • Integrate medical and prescription drug rating capabilities
  • Decide if copays count toward the out-of-pocket maximum
  • Apply deductible/coinsurance before or after copays
  • Make service categories subject to only the deductible, only coinsurance, or both
  • Input and results that can be saved and reloaded, allowing easy modification of current plans
  • View interface that concisely summarises benefits of the currently loaded plan for the user

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