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Benefit plan evaluation

Milliman Online Total Rewards

Milliman Online Total Rewards (OTTER)

Milliman Online Total Rewards provides a way for employers to communicate employees’ personalised benefits and pay information all in one place.

Often, employees don’t fully understand nor appreciate the breadth of benefits they have. The Milliman Online Total Rewards platform displays the real value of these benefit dollars, breaking the information down in a clear and concise way. The platform is technically responsive and resizes to fit the viewing device – whether it’s a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Current, personalised total rewards information is available to all employees anywhere at any time.

Advantages of Milliman Online Total Rewards:

  • Customisation. Site content and branding are easily customisable. We can include any of the benefits or perks you offer to employees. The platform can look and feel like an extension of your own site or function as a standalone site.
  • Up-to-date information. You determine when Online Total Rewards is updated—on a monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis.
  • Multiple data feeds. Online Total Rewards can accept multiple data feeds from all of your vendors and coordinate with them on your behalf.
  • Subject matter experts. We take advantage of our health and welfare, pension, defined contribution, and communication expertise to accomplish your goals. Our cross-topic experience provides the support you need to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Implementation and support. Milliman handles the entire process in-house and adheres to a rigorous, time-tested process that includes several quality reviews. We can also evaluate the effectiveness of the site, providing usage data and reporting.
  • Experience with sensitive data. We have managed a high volume of participant data for many organisations over the years and have developed processes and protocols that protect your data.
  • Easy access with single sign-on. Authenticating with single sign-on reduces password fatigue and makes logging in simple and convenient. Enhanced multi-factor authentication is also available upon request.

Milliman has been assisting organisations with personalised communication for decades. We can help you:

  • Clearly communicate the true value of employees’ rewards packages
  • Tie your total rewards package to organisational goals and values and strategic messages when desired
  • Include benchmark statistics so that employees can see their benefits in relation to those offered by other employers
  • Bring visibility to often forgotten perks, programs, and benefits

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We’re here to help you break through complex challenges and achieve next-level success.

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We’re here to help you break through complex challenges and achieve next-level success.

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