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Healthcare underwriting

XLogic Rating System

The XLogic® Rating System (XLogic) is an easy-to-use online application that automates rating and underwriting functions.

XLogic can handle the most complex rating formulas and can be rapidly deployed. The web-based tool generates Excel reports and is integrated with email.

XLogic automates:

  • New business rating, quoting, and underwriting
  • Batch renewal processing, underwriting, and alternate quoting
  • Underwriting workflow management
  • What-if testing of rating methodologies
  • Data import and export processing, data validation, and scrubbing

Developed for large group, small group, and individual customer segments in medical and non-medical lines of business, Xlogic supports:

  • Manual rating and experience rating formulas
  • Alternate funding and multiple-option arrangements
  • Multiple and proprietary rating methodologies and data schemas

No IT support required

Actuaries maintain rating algorithms and factors in Excel, which allows for rapid deployment in an enterprise environment.

Easy-to-configure mappings between worksheet ranges and database queries automate the movement of data through compiled or un-compiled Excel models. Underwriters can download an un-compiled Excel rating model pre-populated with data, make changes, and upload it to the server to save the changes back to the database.

Additional features

  • Central database of data and activities
  • Robust group-to-rating model mapping rules
  • Multiple rating model sequencing
  • Role-based security
  • Audit trail and history tracking
  • Auto-approvals
  • Underwriter assignments and approvals

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